Dr. Neel Kanase and all the other experts in this book reveal how you can get to the heart & soul of health, wealth, and success.

Since 2005, Neel Kanase, M.D. has been the owner of American Laser Med Spa. He started out with one clinic and now has six clinics total, five located throughout Texas and one in New Mexico, with over twenty-five employees. It’s through this exciting avenue of cosmetic medicine that he’s found his home and calling, helping clients find more self-confidence to do what they love to do best.

Neel and his made their home in the Texas panhandle and there he attended Texas Tech University to receive his Master of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition. He then completed his Residency in Family Medicine at Texas Tech University and was given prestigious recognition by his colleagues.

Aside from his family, education is another thing that has always inspired Neel and he’s known to make the annual trek to Warren Buffet’s shareholders meeting so he can learn from him about both business and fortune. Neel is also passionate about the inspirational teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. It’s this mindset that has really guided Neel in his passions for creating stronger communities with involved, caring citizens.

If you’d like more information about Dr. Neel Kanase, you may contact him at:
Tel. (806) 333-7878
Email him at: neel@americanlaser-medspa.com
Or visit his website: www.AmericanLaserMedSpa.com.

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