Medical facials aren’t the only thing you can do to battle winter skin

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The dry air of winter can wreak havoc on your skin. The moisture-free outside air and the artificially heated indoor air give your skin a one-two punch of dehydration. American Laser Med Spa offers a variety of winter skin healing treatments such as medical facials, skin rejuvenation and more. Combining those with these easy-to-manage methods, you can defeat the winter skin blues and ring in spring with a gorgeous, dewy complexion!


Tips for winter skin care:

Medical facials, moisturizers and more


1. Try a medical facial.

American Laser Med Spa’s Ultrasonic Facial uses elite ultrasonic technology to remove dead winter skin cells and excess dirt to reveal the healthy skin underneath. This process also stimulates blood flow to bring a youthful glow to the skin.


2. Special training = special results.

Talk to a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist. Someone with special training will be better equipped to assess your skin’s needs and condition. Visiting a doctor or aesthetician doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to buy expensive skin care products. Doctors often recommend drugstore brands, some of which work as well as high-dollar versions.


3. Use a humidifier.

The whole problem with dry winter air is that it sucks moisture right out of your skin. The more humidity you can put back into the air, the less moisture your skin will lose.


4. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Our bodies lose more water during the dry winter months, so make sure you keep yourself hydrated for better overall health and plumper, firmer skin.


5. Skip hot baths.

Washing your dishes in super-hot water removes grease, and hot showers do the same to your skin. Opt for lukewarm baths during winter months to keep as much natural moisture as possible in your skin.


6. Blot dry.

After a shower, don’t scrub yourself dry. Blotting with a towel will leave more natural lipids on your skin the same way blotting your lipstick leaves just the right amount of color on your lips.


7. Use an oil-based moisturizer.

The same moisturizer that you use in spring and summer is likely to be less effective in winter as the conditions it is competing against get more extreme. In winter, opt for oil-based creams. Oils hold on to moisture more effectively than water-based lotions. Non-clogging oils to look for include avocado oil and almond oil.


8. Don’t skip the sunscreen.

Though the sun’s rays aren’t as intense in winter, you can still get burned and suffer premature aging. Always remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure so it has time to be absorbed into your skin.


About American Laser Med Spa

American Laser Med Spa offers a wide variety of services that soothe and smooth tired winter skin. From medical facials to skin tightening treatments and more, Dr. Neel Kanase and the experienced staff at American Laser Med Spa are here to keep you beautiful no matter the weather. To schedule an appointment at one of our gorgeous six locations, call 866-528-6778 or visit

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